Introducing Authenticity Into your Marketing Efforts

Authenticity: A marketing buzz word you may have heard recently, along with storytelling, and human to human communication.

This movement of authentic marketing is based on involving an audience in the bigger picture of who a brand is. Gone are the days when fortune 500 companies were seen from afar as something unrelatable to a consumer. Internet users can now expect those same companies to reply to their tweets, and repost their Instagram photos.

It’s the idea that companies need to have something more to offer than just promoting their products though a banner ad, they need to be showing the brands personality and telling their story on a more authentic, human to human level.

We get it. Brands now need to be on the same level as the humans that follow them! No hierarchy,  just two way, authentic communication. Listed below are two platforms that can make introducing authenticity and storytelling into your marketing efforts simple.

1) Pinterest

This is one platform that allows brands to show their personalities and tell a story about who they are through a mosaic of different Pinterest boards. Kim Garst from Boom social stated that “Companies who did well on Pinterest (Whole Foods, ModCloth, Etsy and others) were the ones who created boards that allowed their audience to know that their values and actions were lined up together. They were being authentic.”

A brand that does a great job of this is Free People. Pinterest allows plenty of opportunities to pin photos of the clothing this company makes, but the brand uses the platform to integrate boards that show who the company is outside of their product. They “pin” their personality in a way that relates to their target market.

Check out their Free Your Mind and Gather boards to see how they have shown who they are, without needing to show their product.


2) Instagram

While Instagram shares with Pinterest its highly visual nature, the introduction of the new feature “Instagram stories” is a game changer for brands trying to produce authentic content. Although this feature isn’t groundbreaking in its originality (Snapchat, anyone?), it beautifully combines permanent photo content, with spontaneous stories that can show an audience a different perspective of who the brand really is.

In a world where everything posted on the internet is so perfectly constructed to create an ideal online persona, photographers Allan Hinton and Max Muench are using Instagram stories to show their followers (159k and 266k respectively) a behind the scenes view of their lives. They post raw videos of what they’re doing, where they are traveling to, or who they’re with, whether it is glamorous or not. They are being authentic with how they show who they are to their followers. These authentic marketing tactics can be done by virtually any company, with many creative ways to approach it.

Whether it’s through Pinterest, Instagram, or other social media platforms, communicating authentically with an audience has never been more doable. So go ahead and become a story teller, be human, and have fun with it!

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