Letting Go of Planted Roots

As I’m getting ready to leave for three months in Europe, I can’t help but find myself reminiscing about how I got here since I left just over three years ago for a transformational five months studying and living in Hatfield, England. Or more so what happened after I got back…

As a 19 year old going to Europe, it was my first time traveling alone, and scarier still, first time living outside of my parents home for more than a two week period. I had no idea what to expect. Luckily what I found there was (almost) no home sickness, an AMAZING community of friends (pictured below), and 8 new countries visited under my belt.


I had really settled into a life where I had a routine, core friends, and a sense of home. Then I had to go back.

Even when I was on the plane ride home I had a feeling of “this just isn’t right.” I remember seeing guys in plaid shirts and baseball caps and thinking “fuuuuuck (pardon my French). From posh British style, to this?”

Although now that I think back at it, it seems like some serious first world problems, but for probably six months after I got back, I was deeply unhappy. All I could think about was how this wasn’t the life I had settled into so nicely, all I could think about was getting back to Europe.

I was in a serious rut. My mom got fed up with me and finally said “you are never going to be able to go back to that exact life, with that exact group of friends, ever again.”

I even went to a tarot card reader (don’t judge, my guilty pleasure) where she told me something that literally got me out of my rut. She said:

“you need to plant some roots, right now. It doesn’t matter how temporary your life will be in this place, get comfy with where you’re at and then you’ll find things have changed.”

So then I made a conscious effort to not be such a grump.

I joined the Business Students’ Association, volunteered to help plan a leadership conference, and then volunteered to plan another conference on top of it.

I made myself try as many new hikes and local restaurant/cafés in my community as I could. I found myself slowly appreciating my surroundings, and the awesome new friends I was filling it with.

Then I met Sebastian: my lovely boyfriend who came from Germany, but LOVES Canada. That certainly helped with the rut situation. I recently told my friend Philip that we met in my Professional Selling class, and he said “woah, so you’re like that Rhianna song: “We Found Love in a Hopeless Place.” Hilariously spot on.

I have suddenly found that those almost three years have flown by, and I got my wish. I’ve finished my degree and am off to Europe for three months in less than a week.

I am SO thrilled to be heading back. My goal for this time is to visit at least four new countries and write as much as I can to document it. At the same time I’ll also be working remotely (something I’m weirdly excited about).

Even after now visiting 12 different countries I still have little fears of being home sick, but I just need to stop myself and remember to plant my roots. And if you’re in a similar situation, like you’re ready to move or go see the world but you can’t at this moment: I hope you can remember to try to plant some roots too, however temporary.

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