Find Friends Who Say Yes

I’m an introvert. I would shout that out to the world if that was something that introverts did.

I’m not afraid to admit (although this took some time) that I like being alone… a lot. Even some of my BEST friends I only see every couple of weeks, and weirdly, I’m totally okay with that. With this being said, I wouldn’t trade my wolf pack of friends for the world. In fact, I immensely value the fact that I can see some of them only once a month or less, but we can just pick up where we left off. No relationships tarnished over time apart.

This past year, I’ve been busily planning my 3-month long trip to Europe (which I’m living right now!!). Pretty early on, I knew I wanted to ask a certain couple of ladies if they wanted to meet up with me. These gems are a perfect description of the friendship I described above: we talk every so often, and seeing each other is rare (distance makes it pretty tough)… but our friendship runs deep. Meaningful, yet hilarious and light at the same time.

I met Cindy and Erin three years ago when we studied abroad in England. Together we traveled to several different countries, maneuvered our way around the UK culture, and became a friendship trio that experienced a lot together in a very short amount of time. Going back to Canada felt heart breaking knowing I was so far away from them, but there was a silver lining:

When we have gotten to see each other, its been a reunion of epic proportions.


That’s how I knew that we needed to be reunited again in Europe. When I brought it up to them, I got a big fat YES. We all decided that Portugal was a good spot, mostly because none of us had been there yet. I could not have been more stoked to get such a sure and effortless commitment from them, and I’m happy to say Portugal did not disappoint.

All because they said yes.

More importantly, they make me say yes.

Yes, to that pub crawl.

Yes, to that extra glass of wine.

Yes, to impromptu photoshoots.

Yes, to bold life choices.

Yes, to stepping outside of my comfort zone.

All of these things may seem small from an outsider’s perspective, but like I said at the start, as an introvert, there are some things I would NOT do by my own volition.

So while it’s important to say no to toxic things in life that do not serve you, I can’t say enough about how much it has shaped me as a person to have friends who say yes. Who know each other so well and fiercely encourage one another other to live life to its fullest.

Thanks for the “flappa flappa” vacation, reunion, and friendship ladies.


2 thoughts on “Find Friends Who Say Yes

  1. Michele Keserich says:

    Sounds like a perfect trip with the right peeps! Miss you but I can’t wait to see and hear all….love to Sebastian.xo


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