Weeds and Bulbs: My Farm Girl Experience

Picture this: it’s summer time, I have some extra time, I need some extra money.

Also picture this: I have no body strength, arthritis, and no manual labour experience.

I decided farming might be a good way to pick up some random work without having to commit to a long-term schedule. I figured during the summer months, farmers would need help with tasks like picking berries and apples. Pleasant tasks. They did not need help with such tasks, but I tried it out anyways. The following entails my thoughts during my one-day adventure working on a farm. I say one day, because that’s as far as I lasted.

“It’s been many moons since I’ve seen this time of day.”

“I think I’ll try weeding without gloves on first for more precision”

*While weeding* “This is harder than it looked on the YouTube tutorial”

“The guy on YouTube said to keep your back straight while using a hoe, but there’s no way in hell that’s happening”

“Everybody’s lapping me in the lettuce rows. Shit”

“Is my hoe broken? Why is this so much effort and why am I so slow”

“I think I’d be faster if I started hand weeding. They’d definitely think I was crazy if I did that”

*One hour into weeding* “My back… it hurts already”

“How am I going to survive this whole day when my back already hurts”

“Well, I’ve given this a try, but I think this will be my first and last day”

“So… everybody else is wearing gloves”

“I feel blisters. Fuck precision. It’s time for gloves”

“Is there even lettuce here? All I see is weeds. WHERE’S THE DAMN LETTUCE?”

“Must save weak, 3-leaf bundle of lettuce from invader weeds”

“I have never had more appreciation for where my food comes from”

“People literally sweat and break their backs so I can eat a Spring salad with a simple vinaigrette”

“Sweet Jesus I’ve never been so happy to hear “hey miss, it’s break time”

“It’s really pretty here. Not a bad spot for a break”

“So far I’ve met people from France, Germany, and Mexico. Much cool”

*Notices scrubby brush while washing hands, then looks down at own finger nails* “Relevant.”


“A new task that isn’t weeding! This looks like it’ll be fun and easier”

“Okay. So all we do is stand here, and inspect Daffodil bulbs as they pass by on a conveyor belt?”

“There can only be so many of these. How long will we really be doing this?”

“Don’t look up. Direction of up makes one dizzy”

“Is the conveyor belt moving, or am I moving? Can’t tell at this point”

“So, we really are doing this for the full 4-hour rest of the shift. Got it.”

*Makes song to pass time* “Squeeze the bulbs, take out the rotten ones. Squeeze the bulbs, oh wait that’s a rock! Squeeze the bulbs, pass ‘em down the moving belt, squeeze the bulbs, take out the rocks!”

“Staring at a moving conveyor belt and not moving sucks. Let me weed again.”

“The actual definition of insanity is assembly work jobs. No wonder robots have taken that over”

“The girl next to me is literally standing in a yogic goddess pose to switch it up.”

“I so badly want to also do a yogic goddess pose. But I don’t want to look like I’m copying her.”

“Who would have thought daffodil bulbs release so much dust in the air.”

“Can’t move. Keep blinking to get dust out of eyes.”

“My eyes are perma-dusty.”

“How much money do they actually make off of Daffodils? Seems like an odd choice to grow in such huge quantities.”

“I’m really doing this for extra money instead of submitting my writing to places? Why did I stop writing again?”

“I need to try writing again.”

PS, thank you to all of the amazing staff who showed me the ropes during my farm girl stint. They were truly kind, amazing, interesting people. We should all respect where our food comes from a hell of a lot more.

One thought on “Weeds and Bulbs: My Farm Girl Experience

  1. Annette Maulding says:

    Christie, I give you koodoos for trying. I knew from my strawberry picking time it would not go very far. I totally agree enough credit is not give to people in labour. Thankfully the ones that come in from other Countries that work hard to send money home to their families is a godsend.
    What people work on a cruiseship for 9 month stints? People that want to give their families a better life.
    So many instances.

    Glad you are going to write some more.


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