A Year in Books

During this post-Christmas week of total unproductivity (anyone else?), I thought I would take some time to reflect on some of the goals I made for 2018, before I set new ones for 2019! One of those goals was to read one book a month for the whole year. This doesn’t sound too crazy, but I’d gotten in the habit of picking up a book, and finishing it 5 months later (whoops), and I knew it had to stop. I chose books from a ridiculously random assortment of themes, finally reading ones that had been collecting dust on my shelf for years. Overall… I nailed this challenge (if I do say myself). In case you’re looking for some books to add to your 2019 reading list, here’s the 12 books I worked my way through this year.

1) Badass Women Throughout History

2018 started off with a healthy dose of feminism. This book is a super easy read, and gives a speed dating style encounter with, well… badass women throughout history. I actually think they could have made the book even longer, but overall it was a fun read!


2) The Book Thief

This was one of the aforementioned dusty bookshelf books. For some reason I thought it would just be about an adventurous little lass running around stealing books, but it was actually a pretty telling encounter of what is was like growing up German born, in Nazis-era Germany. It was heart-wrenching in some parts, but at the same time had a lot of heart too.

3) Canada 150 Women

To keep the feminist train rolling, I worked my way through this inspiring read (given to me by my very thoughtful boyfriend). This book made me realize how many amazing women are rocking it in my own country TODAY, as we speak. I was left inspired, to say the least.


4) The Happiness Project

Based on one woman’s year-long experiment to make herself happier, this book is not so much prescriptive since it was super personalized to the author herself, but it helped lay out a framework if you want to try out your own happiness project. I wouldn’t necessarily put it on my MUST-READ list, but I liked it!


5) Escape from Warsaw

Yes, I like historical books, if you couldn’t tell already. Warsaw got it pretty damn bad in World War 2, and this book followed along a group of kids trying to escape their country to find their parents who they lost track of during the war. This was a quick read and definitely gives a little perspective on something we didn’t learn much about in school.

6) Get Real: Telling Authentic Stories

I can’t really sugar-coat it, this book was not very good. I got it for free at a social media marketing conference I went to last year (I work in social media, if ya didn’t know), and it just… didn’t flow or have a clear purpose. Alas, I’m one of those weirdos that has to finish a book once I’ve started, so I worked my way through.

7) The Last Lecture

Gah! This was super heart-warming. A professor who was terminally ill recounts his last year alive, and shares his wisdom along the way. This is another quick read (I may have been gravitating towards those to stay on my goal lol), and I would highly recommend it.


8) Guide de la Femme Intelligente en Presence du Socialisme et du Capitalisme

Sigh. I grew up speaking fairly fluent French since I went through a French Immersion program, and ever since then I’ve been on a mission to keep it up (spoiler alert, my French sucks now). I bought this book to brush up on the language, thinking it was about what life was like for women after they got the vote. WELL, as proof of how bad my French is now, it was actually a book explaining socialism and capitalism to women in a condescending way, so they would know how to vote in elections. It was dense and took me forever to read.

9) The Year of Less

This book was a breath of fresh air after barely making it through the one above. In the words of the local BC author, this read was about “how I stopped shopping, gave away my belongings, and discovered life was worth more than anything you can buy in a store”. I’ve already changed my shopping habits A LOT in the last couple of years, so none of her tips were super revolutionary to me, but I really liked hearing her background story on why she set out on the mission.

Shout out to my amazing friend Laura for thinking of me and lending me this book!


10) Pillars of the Earth

Oh baby. This book series is like crack for anyone who likes sweeping historical dramas like me. It’s based in England in the eleven hundreds, and follows the story of several families as they try to survive, gain power, and build a cathedral in that time period. This was a hefty book at about 1000 pages, but SO GOOD!

Ps, Justin Trudeau reads these books too, if you need any further confirmation that they’re good. 💁🏻‍♀️


11) Persuasion

I have a love-hate relationship with Jane Austen. Her writing style is quite honestly kind of boring and under-descriptive, but I still get suckered in, and I have a mad appreciation for any female author whose words actually got to see the light of day in that time period. I’ll just say, her books aren’t for everybody, but it’s a must-read if you like the classics!


12) Tuesday’s with Morrie

This was another one where there’s a slight chance you might ugly cry. A busy and wealthy business man goes back to his roots when he learns his favourite professor is terminally ill. He goes on to spend every Tuesday visiting him, and learns his final lesson from him on the meaning of life. The chapters are super short so this one ended up taking me just a week and a half to read. I would definitely recommend it!

Happy New Year peeps. May your 2019 be filled with love, light, and a few good books.

One thought on “A Year in Books

  1. Annette Maulding says:

    Good for you Christie. I set aside 90 minutes to read before I go to bed. Nice to get into another world.
    When I go to bed, I have my story to think about rather than things I can’t do much about.


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