#DoYourResearch When it Comes to Hashtags

If you use social media, chances are you have seen examples of brands who fail to think before they speak (or tweet).Recently, pizza brand DiGiorno came under fire for doing just that. They neglected to do their due diligence, and as a result, horrendously misused the hashtag "#WhyIStayed". The context of the hashtag was meant to mobilize twitter users to share their stories of abuse. It's safe to say DiGiorno majorly missed the mark by not doing some much needed background research.

Introducing Authenticity Into your Marketing Efforts

Authenticity: A marketing buzz word you may have heard recently, along with storytelling, and human to human communication.This movement of authentic marketing is based on involving an audience in the bigger picture of who a brand is. Gone are the days when fortune 500 companies were seen from afar as something unrelatable to a consumer. Internet users can now expect those same companies to reply to their tweets, and repost their Instagram photos.