4 Less Obvious Ways To Reduce Trash

Over the past year I’ve grown more and more interested in how we help our environment. If you’ve ever tried doing this, you may have encountered the “overwhelming sense of doom” that I did. Then I discovered a few bloggers that showed me how much we as individuals can do to help the environment more so than just using our own shopping bags at the grocery store and reusable water bottles.

Germany: a Lesson in Juxtaposition

Although I’d been to Europe a few times before, pretty early on I had a realization: Europe is one big juxtaposition. Maybe I only realized this now because in Germany it seems to be a lot more heightened, but I was super curious about how so many cultural factors on this beloved continent were… opposites. Here’s what I mean...

An Unapologetically Introverted Birthday

This past Wednesday I had my 23rd birthday, which was a self-celebration that made me have a few “aha” moments. When I thought about what I wanted to do this year to celebrate my day, I went through a plethora of possibilities. I could host a BBQ, go out in the city, invite friends out for dinner, the list goes on. But honestly, every time I thought about planning one of these options, my introverted brain got SUPER stressed out. I mean… just exhausted thinking about it.