Find Friends Who Say Yes

I’m an introvert. I would shout that out to the world if that was something that introverts did. I’m not afraid to admit (although this took some time) that I like being alone… a lot. Even some of my BEST friends I only see every couple of weeks, and weirdly, I’m totally okay with that. With this being said, I wouldn’t trade my wolf pack of friends for the world.

Beer Gardens and Cathedrals

can you have a perfect (or near perfect) traveling experience while traveling with people whose traveling styles don’t fit with yours? After being on several trips where the group just did NOT mesh for one reason or another, my initial answer would be no. Different personalities and traveling styles can cause friction that can dampen what is supposed to be a killer experience. This experience factor matters SO much that entities like Destination Canada have made handy quizzes that will tell you exactly what kind of traveler you are (I got the authentic traveler, try it out yourself!). This is supposed to be useful in planning future trips (and also is crazy good consumer data if you work in tourism marketing). Almost three weeks into my Europe trip with my dear boyfriend by my side, I’m disputing my initial answer of “no” to that question.

Letting Go of Planted Roots

As I’m getting ready to leave for three months in Europe, I can’t help but find myself reminiscing about how I got here since I left just over three years ago for a transformational five months studying and living in Hatfield, England. Or more so what happened after I got back…

Women Have “Enough Equality”

Questioning women’s equality isn’t old news. Even in the suffragette days, women were being asked “don’t you have enough equality?” We let you go to school at Cornell (but not Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Brown, Dartmouth or Columbia), attend graduate school (sometimes, if you’re not married), and ride in cars (not trains, for fear that the speed would make ones uterus fly out).

Top Four Cowichan Valley Eats

Right now the first ever Dine Cowichan event is happening, which is very exciting if you’re a food lover like me. I’m a little shocked that this is the first time it’s happening though. There are so many AMAZING places to eat in the Cowichan Valley, not to mention the abundance of wineries which have now dubbed my home community as “the New Provence.”

The Hustle

“Hustle” is a term I have become WELL acquainted with since starting university. Being surrounded by entrepreneurs, and someday entrepreneurs, it seems to be quite the phenomenon to be able to grind and work day and night to say that you’ve “made it." Even if you’re not in business, I see posts about this sort of lifestyle on the daily in other contexts.

Kind of a Book Review, More of a Catalyst

About a year and a half ago, I was browsing in my favorite used book store on my birthday when annoyingly, a book fell on my head. It kind of felt like something out of a movie, so I decided to buy the book, playfully taking it as a “sign from the universe.” The book was called The Secret Diaries of Charlotte Brontë by Syrie James, and it sat on my book shelf, all but forgotten about until recently.